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IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Microsoft Outlook 2010 Client

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Hosted Exchange 2013

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24/04/2018 16:40:10



The following notification only applies to you if you or your users currently access Cobweb’s Hosted Exchange 2013 email platform using an Outlook 2010 client, if this applies to you or your users please read the notification, if you are unsure please do the following:


If your company has employees using the Microsoft Outlook 2010 client you will need to ensure they have applied the latest security updates before 30 April 2018, for them to continue working.  You can do this by checking at least version 14.0.7015.1000 is applied:

  1. Checking your version of Outlook:  What version of Outlook do I have?


As you might expect Cobweb must ensure all our customers using our hosted services are protected from any security vulnerabilities; one of the ways we do this is to ensure only vendor supported clients are able to connect to our hosted services whilst non-supported clients are blocked.

We need to ensure users connecting to our hosted services using the Microsoft Outlook 2010 client MUST have the latest security updates applied; importantly, the absence of security updates mean PCs will be more vulnerable to exploitation by malicious software and so we will be applying a permanent block between 30 April and 25 May 2018 which will prevent Outlook 2010 clients without the minimum security updates from connecting to our Hosted Services.


  1. If you have version 14.0.7015.1000 or above, you don’t need to do anything.
  2. If you do not have the minimum version 14.0.7015.1000 then you will need to install the latest updates:  How to install the latest applicable updates for Microsoft Outlook
  3. If updates are managed by your company’s’ System Administrator they will need apply the latest updates.


If the security updates have not been applied by the time the block is implemented you will have the following options available to you:

    a.       do nothing and continue to access the services using Outlook Web App,


    b.       apply the latest security updates immediately and the Outlook 2010 client will reconnect to the Exchange service.


As you might appreciate our customers are at liberty to use clients purchased from their own suppliers and as such we can only make reasonable endeavours to provide notifications; however, our terms of service are constantly reviewed to ensure they are kept up to date and state the current supported clients, e.g. Outlook 2013, we also publish notifications to our Service Status page.      

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I hope you understand the action we are taking is in the best interest of all our customers enabling us to provide a safe and secure hosted service.

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